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to the memory of effigy

i tried to sing along, but she couldn't hear me

9 October
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Ten second summary:

Young, dumb, female, unemployed, perpetually single. Living at home till I can sort myself out. Sense of humor > everything. The rest just fills in. Long-lost twin sister of cleverduck. sheilanorthway's biggest fan ever. Inside jokes abound. Last week I yelled at my pet cat for trying to climb me. I said "Stop it Fritz Erwin Charles Unicron Cargo Pit, Mummy is on the phone." I cried for an hour afterwards-- not only because I'd name my cat something so long and stupid; but also because I actually called myself Mummy.

It affects everyone
It doesn't discriminate
Show that it has affected you too

I decided that actual pets weren't cool enough, so I adopted thiese little guyses:

my pet!

my pet!

you can feed them, if you're so inclined.

Feel free to add me. I may not add you back. I probably won't even notice you're there. I'm very open. If it's friends-only, then it's probably something the average person has no interest in anyhow.

And, uh, if you're a moron and you tYpE lYk dIS, don't even bother. ThIs 1'z 4 U!!!!

Just say NO to idiots.

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